Accounting system for nation-wide company

Technologies: Java, ZK Framework, MySQL, Hibernate, Tomcat
Project Size: 2 person-months

Today, when in the current environment many nation-wide companies find it hard to manage their companies without a well implemented management solution, it's vital for each company to implement and use such system.

This system was created for company which has a lot of offices over the country. Its purpose is to give to owner the possibility to have the latest information about remote offices activities and to manage remote company offices. As the result the system allows to see the accounting information, reports about expenses and profits, to receive and to complete requests for each remote office.

Project screenshots

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In this window managers can add goods and their parameters.

Analytics window

In this window managers can see financial reports and charts.


Here different problems that must be solved are shown.


In this windows accountants can enter payments they made.